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Correspondent: Gloria Massana
Biography: lost between books, movies & cookies...

Directors - Vincente Minnelli / cast - Georges Guétary / writer - Alan Jay Lerner / release date - 1951 / runtime - 1 H 54 minutes / Liked it - 28516 Votes. Free full un americ c3 a0 a par c3 ads 2016. Free full un americ c3 a0 a par c3 ads work. Free full un americ c3 a0 a par c3 ads 2018. Free full un americ c3 a0 a par c3 ads without. I am sorry to all those that were wowed by this film. While I concede Gene Kelly is a great dancer and is so smooth and in control of his body it is like he dances on ice, the film itself is painfully weak in nearly all story telling respects. First off, Jerry Mulligan is an ahole. He treats both women poorly and deserves to be penniless and alone. He comes off like a modern-day 40 year old pervert who lurks around bars hitting on women half his age by being aggressive and demanding. No women fall for this pathetic "midlife crisis" routine, unless the man has money and/or class. Mr. Mulligan has neither. He also does not have the intellect of an artist, which might at least make him an interesting sophisticate. He essentially has nothing to offer.
As for the female wealthy sponsor, why on earth would she take an interest in this loser? She meets him by witnessing his pretentious attack of a young American woman trying to enjoy her summer trip to Paris. Excuse me Jerry, but when did you become such a wise man of the world? He then insults the girl as a typical American Jerry, have you forgotten your roots? You too are an American. Get over yourself, you hack overblown house painter. I still don't get why the wealthy woman would find his boorish behavior interesting. Then, his manners (drinks before she is served, doesn't say thank you, makes a blatant ass of himself oodling over the young woman at the bar in front of company he does not know well, etc, etc, etc) are disdainful. She may be lonely, but she is clearly slumming it with this jerk and deserves much more. A major problem with the film is she should know this. They try to play it off by having her male friend, while dancing with her, imply she is a sucker for what she considers to be talented artists, but Jerry is way out of her league and her character would know this given how they portray her otherwise.
Which brings me to my main point and main problem with this movie. I honestly hoped everyone we met during the movie ended up happy but Jerry. He is the worst of all those people. An unappreciative, self-absorbed ignoramous with no consideration for those around him. Let's recap. He uses the wealthy woman's feelings for him to get what he wants. He does nothing to help his "friend" Adam nor takes an interest in his life. He steals the young woman from Henri, even after finding out that he was with Lisse. He never once talked to Henri or explained the situation, then when it went his way in the end that was all fine to him. I was absolutely put off by this character. He is the fact that he ends up happy while having destroyed everyone around him yet he is completely unaffected by the destruction he has caused makes me ill.
Therefore, I conclude this movie to be terrible. The characters respond to Jerry unrealistically while he arrogantly struts through the movie as if he's untouchable.
If the director intended to be unbelievably subtle and ironic by creating a setting of happiness and creativity where it is almost impossible to be unhappy while placing a huge jerk in the center, then I give him the highest applause in the world. He has convinced the world this movie has a happy ending and is cheery, yet meanwhile the worst character of them all ends up happy by lying to get rich (via art show) and bullies love out of a young, naive girl. If that is the real intent, then the director is a genius and I highly respect his fooling the world and painting a false picture (intentional painting reference here) that viewers of the film thought was beautiful. The irony director on the surface painted a love story, but reality is that it was an ugly story (just like Jerry's painting which we were to believe showed talent but in reality was terrible and we all knew it.
Aside from the character issue, the plot is bland and the movie moves disjointedly. It is a poor film unless the irony was, it is an arthouse classic with major cinematic issues.

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